What is Adset Advertising Exchange ?


Today in the post I'm talking about
What is Adset Advertising Exchange?

Adset Advertising Exchange is like Adsense
We provide Google Ads to publishers

Why Choose Adset Advertising Exchange?
Because Adset is Best for Indian publishers they struggle a lot. Publisher do hard just for AdSense approval but Adsense didn't approve of many time Adsense disable

But Adset have full solutions we give approval just for good traffic

Your Adset Account is 60% safe compare to AdSense isn't it sound great.

For international Wire Transfer Take up to 5-7 days in some cases it takes 10-15 days to reflect payment into account but

Adset also support Indian Payment method
like UPI & NEFT

It means the Indian publisher get the payment within 2 hours

So what you waiting for apply now